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    Keep Improving District Schools

  • K.I.D.S. Committee

    Keep Improving District Schools

    Who are we?

    The Committee Make Up

    The K.I.D.S.(Keep Improving District Schools) committee is a group of USD 264 citizens who are passionate about ensuring that our students attend only the best schools. The group was composed of board members, business owners, parents of current and past students.


    The group has met for several weeks and encourages people who have interest to attend the meetings. Please find our email in the contact section and feel free to send questions or request more information about how you can join the KIDS Committee.

  • Bond Basics

    Below are the basics of the bond issue.

    Elementary West

    Click on the link below to learn about the proposed details for Elementary West.


    CIC and Middle School

    Click on the link below to learn about the proposed details for CIC/MS.


    High School

    Click on the link below to learn about the proposed details for CHS.


    The Breakdown

    Click on the link below to learn about the breakdown for the cost of each project.


  • Why it's Needed

    A few of the reasons we think it's important

    Building Security and Storm Shelters

    Currently the main entrance at each building is unlocked throughout the school day. The KIDS committee wants to secure each building to protect our children from harm.


    Each building should have a storm shelter. The current tornado emergency plan has students gathering in classrooms and hallways. After listening to community members, the KIDS committee decided that each building should have an adequate storm shelter.

    More Space and Safety

    Elementary West has limited areas to expand and our current Kindergarten class is one of the largest in the district. A new office area on the east side of the building allows for the current office to be converted into needed classrooms.


    All of the buildings gain a new drop-off area for students, parents, and guests. This is critical for our students safety at Elementary West since no drop off loop exist. Further a more accessible area on the south side of the high school would be helpful during extracurricular activities and graduation.

    Improving the Educational Setting

    The Intermediate Center does not have central air conditioning and the window units make instruction difficult. Our students deserve to learn in a comfortable environment where learning isn't challenged by a noisy appliance.


    CMS and the CIC share a library, band room, locker rooms, and many special education services. Since the buildings are not currently connected, students have limited access to these areas. This means a students may not be able to retrieve a forgotten instrument, return a book, or talk with their teacher.


    vCurrent interest rates are near a 50 year low for 19 year bonds. Further under current law, USD 264 is eligible for state aid to cover 24% of the total cost. This would save the district tax payers approximately 5.8 million dollars.


    This bond issue can "wrap" with the current mills so that each taxpayer would have very little increase to their monthly taxes. The proposed bond would cost most households in our school district $4.31 per month.

    USD 264 K.I.D.S Brochure with Frequently asked Questions

    Please review our Q & A brochure for more information about why these projects needs completed.


    https://uploads.strikinglycdn.com/files/06f38136-a5fc-47c3-8f8a-d74c8f843fe6/USd 264Bond Issue (2).pdf?id=63925

    Detailed Flyer

    The link below will access our detailed flyer which summarizes the bond and provides the community with the best resources to make their decision.


    https://uploads.strikinglycdn.com/files/4833e13b-7b4f-4be5-b9d2-7f090005dee7/Bond Issue Details.pdf?id=62867 

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    Email: usd264kids@sktc.com